We asked Rohit, Given a chance, which is the first thing you would change in Indian Education System?

And here is what #RohitSays”

“Teachers are the building blocks of any economy. In India, profession of teachers is yet to be appreciated and thus this segment is yet to attract highly qualified individuals. I would like to re-modal the training, evaluation and incentives of teachers in India.”



We asked Narmadha, what’s your goal in life?

Here is what #NarmadhaSays,

“The Big Stage is my goal ! The last chapter in my book GET READY LADY will reveal the detailed answer. Every stage in life, every mission I do is a big stage for me. My goal is simple “ Being successful doesn’t always make you happy, But being happy will definitely make you successful” . That’s my ‘forever’ mission too. “


We asked Paul, “would you share your morning schedule with us, what keeps you going whole day with such energy levels?”

Here is what #PaulSays

“My morning routine is all about setting myself up for the day:

5am – Wake Up.

6am – Gym

7:30am – Meditation, Journal, Read for 30 minutes

8:30am – Food then ready to start the day”


How does your morning routine differ? Tell us.

Narmadha Kamal

When it comes to success, women are not behind either. We welcome Narmadha Kamal who introduces herself like this:

“Well, I am someone who is lucky enough to live a life like a child , doing what I like, not thinking after effects, nothing stops me once I think and like doing it..  Do something for how much you like it, not for what you get out of it – Oh am I really writing a motto or something ?
Well,on the other side, I am a mother of 2 wonderful kids (sometimes strict many times fun) a loving wifey who is mad about my better half.
Oops, yes there is a third side – a passionate professional , a HR, who is part of the Training & Development team.
Wait, the last side – a blogger, poet,dancer, once was a Radio Jockey too.  Too much huh ! Well, please read this with my humble tone and now you can accept it 🙂 Last but not least, my recent avatar as an author, as I have penned down my motivational book for women rejoining work after their career break – GET READY LADY , as the title says, this book helps readers to prepare themselves to get ready for their new roles and provides tips for work life balance.”


We asked Rohit, “Where do you see the most scope of change for better in Education Segment?”
Here is what #RohitSays,
“The biggest change is buried in education of primary and secondary students in India. India has 1.58 million schools out of which 70% are run by Govt. To underscore foundation of the country we have to tap into that segment.”
What do you think?


We asked Rohit, “What has been your proudest/happiest moment in this year?”

Here is what #RohitSays,

“At EduGorilla, we tied with IIM Lucknow for our Article Writing Competition. This competition was highly appreciated and invited 1523 participants from 462 Institutes. The whole process – Ideation, Planning, Execution, Prize Distribution was done in just 33 days.”


We asked Yuvaraj, “How do you think your work impacts people at large?”
Here is what #YuvarajSays
“Myself as a product manager responsible to deliver performing products that works for generating revenue & profits. Passion to outperform in the chosen activity will always deliver the desired impact to its stakeholders
As consultant & coach I everyday meet & work with variety of talent enabling them to think & act as sustainable entrepreneurs.”
Want to know more from Yuvaraj, tell us!!!


We asked Paul, “What is your best recommendation for work-life balance?”

And here is what #PaulSays :

“Put your life before your business every time as this will always lead to more happiness rather than being stuck in your business 24/7 with no connection in life.


 For example set your work times and days off from the start and stick to them.”

Does this advice work for you? Let us know.


We asked Yuvaraj, What is your goal or mission? Here is what #YuvarajSays
“My mission is to transform the smart individuals into an entrepreneurial talent who can create greater value to the society & themselves.”

Yuvaraj Thanikachalam

We proudly present our contributor from Entrepreneur community. Here is how he introduces himself:

“I am an entrepreneur, building software products & sustainable businesses potential to deliver high impact and value to all its stakeholders (customers, employees, investors and other business partners) “


We asked Paul to share with us who is Paul‘s mentor/s or someone he looks up to for motivation and guidance?
“Last year it was my mentor Scott Weddell who helped me breakthrough and begin the process of looking at me as the person before the business and this year as I have grown I am looking at my next mentor to take me to the next level.”


We asked Deevas if he wanted to pick a social issue to write about which one would it be? #DeevasSays
“I would like to write about the religious myths our society believes in. The misinterpretation of our mythology and religious books completely bothers me.”


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