Narmadha Kamal

When it comes to success, women are not behind either. We welcome Narmadha Kamal who introduces herself like this:

“Well, I am someone who is lucky enough to live a life like a child , doing what I like, not thinking after effects, nothing stops me once I think and like doing it..  Do something for how much you like it, not for what you get out of it – Oh am I really writing a motto or something ?
Well,on the other side, I am a mother of 2 wonderful kids (sometimes strict many times fun) a loving wifey who is mad about my better half.
Oops, yes there is a third side – a passionate professional , a HR, who is part of the Training & Development team.
Wait, the last side – a blogger, poet,dancer, once was a Radio Jockey too.  Too much huh ! Well, please read this with my humble tone and now you can accept it 🙂 Last but not least, my recent avatar as an author, as I have penned down my motivational book for women rejoining work after their career break – GET READY LADY , as the title says, this book helps readers to prepare themselves to get ready for their new roles and provides tips for work life balance.”

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