The Trouble With Quotes About Death Is That 99.99 Percent Of Them Are Made By People Who Are Still Alive.

Do You Wish To Be Remembered? Leave A Lot Of Debts.

I’ll Always Remember The Last Words Of My Grandfather, ‘A Truck!’

-What’s It Feel Like To Be Dead For 200 Years?

There Are Worse Things In Life Than Death. Have You Ever Spent An Evening With An Insurance Salesman?

For Catholics, Death Is A Promotion.

Never Say You Know A Person Until You Have Divided An Inheritance With Them.

Once You’re Dead, You’re Made For Life.

You Live And Learn. Then You Die And Forget It All.

Only The Young Die Good.

You Will Find My Last Words In The Blue Folder On My Desk.

Drown In A Vat Of Liquor? Death Where Is Thy Sting?

When I Die, I Want To Decompose In A Barrel Of Porter And Have It Served In All The Pubs In Dublin.

Elvis Presley Has Died. Good Career Move.

I Owe Much; I Have Nothing; The Rest I Leave To The Poor.

In This World, Nothing Is Certain, Except Death And Taxes.

For Three Days After Death, Hair And Fingernails Continue To Grow But Phone Calls Tapper Off.

-When We Die, Certain Things Keep Growing – Fingernails, Toenails, The Hair On Your Head, The Hair On Your Chest.

I Don’t Mind Dying. I Just Don’t Want To Be There When It Happens.

I Bequeath My Entire Estate To My Wife On Condition That She Marries Again. That Will Ensure There Will Be At Least One Man Who Will Regret My Death.

Life Is A Great Surprise; I Do Not See Why Death Should Not Be An Even Greater One.

Razors Pain You; Rivers Are Damp; Acids Stain You; And Drugs Cause Cramp. Guns Aren’t Lawful; Nooses Give; Gas Smells Awful; You Might As Well Live.

Soap-on-a-rope – For Those Times You’re In The Shower, And Want To Hang Yourself.

Death Is Nature’s Way Of Telling You To Slow Down.

Guns Are Always The Best Method For Private Suicide. Drugs Are Too Chancy. You Might Miscalculate The Dosage And Just Wind Up Having A Good Time.

How Would I Kill Myself? With Kindness.

I Tried To Hang Myself With A Bungee Cord. I Kept Almost Dying.

Suicide Is Man’s Way Of Telling God, ‘You Can’t Fire Me. I Quit.’

On The Plus Side, Death Is One Of The Few Things That Can Be Done As Easily Lying Down.

-I Predict That You Will Die Either By Hanging Or Of Some Vile Disease.

Our Ice Cream Man Was Found Lying On The Floor Of His Van Covered In Hundreds And Thousands. Police Say He Topped Himself.

I Contemplated Suicide Again – This Time By Inhaling Next To An Insurance Salesman.

I Don’t Mind Dying. Trouble Is, You Feel So Bloody Stiff The Next Day.

Self-decapitation Is An Extremely Difficult, Not To Say Dangerous Thing To Attempt.

It Is Impossible To Experience One’s Death Objectively And Still Carry A Tune.

The First Sign Of His Approaching End Was When One Of My Old Aunts, When Undressing Him, Removed A Toe With One Of His Socks.

Reports Of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated.

-My Uncle Fell Through A Trap Door And Broke His Neck.

I Want To Die Peacefully In My Sleep Like My Father, Not Screaming In Terror Like His Passengers.
Suppose He Hadn’t Been Dressed As A Peanut. Would His Death Still Be Funny?

I Want To Die With A Smile On My Face. Hopefully It Won’t Be Mine.

When The Earl Of Sandwich Died They Buried Him In Between Two Other Guys.

No Man Goes Before His Time. Unless The Boss Leaves Early.

A Natural Death Is Where You Die Without The Aid Of A Doctor.

My Uncle Was A Circus Clown, And When He Died, All His Friends Went To The Funeral In One Car.

My Cousin Died. He Was Stung By A Wasp – The Natural Enemy Of The Tightrope Walker.

My Auntie Used To Say, ‘What You Can’t See Can’t Hurt You.’ She Died Of Radiation Poisoning A Few Months Back.

In Case My Life Should End With Cannibals, I Hope They Will Write On My Tombstone: ‘We Have Eaten Dr. Schweitzer. He Was Good To The End.’

The Man Who Invented The Hokey-cokey Has Died. His Funeral Was A Strange Affair. First, They Put His Left Leg In…

How Did Captain Hook Die? He Wiped With The Wrong Hand.