We asked Yuvaraj, What is your goal or mission? Here is what #YuvarajSays
“My mission is to transform the smart individuals into an entrepreneurial talent who can create greater value to the society & themselves.”


We asked Sathish, who is his ideal client, and here is what #SathishSays

Someone who is..

  1. Looking to make money online

  2. Looking to start an online business

  3. Looking to learn online marketing

  4. Learning digital marketing course

  5. Looking for digital marketing job

  6. Looking to do affiliate marketing

Yuvaraj Thanikachalam

We proudly present our contributor from Entrepreneur community. Here is how he introduces himself:

“I am an entrepreneur, building software products & sustainable businesses potential to deliver high impact and value to all its stakeholders (customers, employees, investors and other business partners) “


We asked Paul to share with us who is Paul‘s mentor/s or someone he looks up to for motivation and guidance?
“Last year it was my mentor Scott Weddell who helped me breakthrough and begin the process of looking at me as the person before the business and this year as I have grown I am looking at my next mentor to take me to the next level.”


We asked Deevas if he wanted to pick a social issue to write about which one would it be? #DeevasSays
“I would like to write about the religious myths our society believes in. The misinterpretation of our mythology and religious books completely bothers me.”


We asked Paul, given it is a very personal training, which aspect of life you work on first? And #paulSays,

“Everything begins with mindset and looking at the person – this is where all our success lies.”

How true!


We asked Sathish about the impact of his work on people and here is what #SathishSays,

“We are living in a world where jobs are no longer safe and sooner than most people think most of the jobs will be taken over by robots or machines or computers. There is a study that about 47% of current jobs in US will be replaced by Machines by 2025.

My work is to impact the young generation not to depend on jobs but to look for alternate careers like freelancing, digital marketing, ecommerce etc. Regarding entrepreneurship there is this thought that they have to build a big business with big investment, lots of overhead cost, employees etc.? That is also changed with computer and Internet

You can start your own business with the comfort of your own home with collaborators from around the world. We don’t need employees we need collaborators they are individual business owners where each has a vested interest to deliver the highest quality work. So they can build their reputation in the market place to get repeat business.

My impact is to educate more people about the end of jobs and ease of entrepreneurship, the technology and resources that are available for anyone who is hungry enough to hustle will be able to succeed in this new economy.”


We asked Deevas about the social impact of his work, and here is what #DeevasSays,

“Theatre is the only art form which has a tendency to change lives. Theatre is a mirror or a reflection of human behaviors. My work impacts both the artists and the audience. My artists go through a vigorous rehearsal schedule, which consist of a process of self exploration, catharsis and extensive research. You tend to come out as a different person once you have deep insights about life and specially lives of other people. And since the actors carry all this on stage, the same gets bounced off to audience and they leave with a lot of self realization moments. Theatre is the only medium which can impact lives. ”




We asked Sathish about his goal, and here is what #SathishSays,

“My goal is to teach people to build their online business by teaching them the digital marketing, affiliate marketing skills.

My mission is to teach people to get out of their limiting beliefs and live their wildest dreams possible. Live a total “Freedom Lifestyle” – Money-Time-Location Freedom. I found one of the best ways is by teaching them make money online in a way that they can live anywhere and work anytime and don’t have to worry about money. So that’s basically showing them the opportunity and power to live life on their own terms.”


Coaching someone to get better at what they do is by no means a small task. The student has to be capable of learning as much as teacher has to be able to teach. We asked Paul what does he look for before he decides to coach someone and here is what #PaulSays,

“-They want it more than me.


-Willing to learn.”


We asked Deevas what does he do just before getting on the stage and here is what #DeevasSays,

“Before getting on to stage I generally like to stay quiet and meditate or spend some time alone with myself. “

Sathish Krishna

We welcome our contributor, Sathish Krishna. His introduction in his own words,

“I’m Sathish Krishna. I am an Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer from India.

I was living my life doing what everyone does went to school, got good grades, did my engineering, went to USA for higher studies and worked in the corporate world for 12 long years as a Mechanical Design Engineer and then became SAP Consultant and worked for one of the top five consulting firm.

I always wanted to break that stereotype life and was looking for ways to get more out of life. I wanted more money to live the life I wanted to live, then I found out that’s just my surface level desire. My true desire is to teach people like me who wants to break free.

You know these days people are trying to balance their work-life and finding it hard to manage their finances because of higher cost of living and lack of job security.

Well we teach people how to setup part or full time business from their home and start taking care of themselves and their family again.”


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