We asked Paul, given it is a very personal training, which aspect of life you work on first? And #paulSays,

“Everything begins with mindset and looking at the person – this is where all our success lies.”

How true!



We asked Deevas about the social impact of his work, and here is what #DeevasSays,

“Theatre is the only art form which has a tendency to change lives. Theatre is a mirror or a reflection of human behaviors. My work impacts both the artists and the audience. My artists go through a vigorous rehearsal schedule, which consist of a process of self exploration, catharsis and extensive research. You tend to come out as a different person once you have deep insights about life and specially lives of other people. And since the actors carry all this on stage, the same gets bounced off to audience and they leave with a lot of self realization moments. Theatre is the only medium which can impact lives. ”




Coaching someone to get better at what they do is by no means a small task. The student has to be capable of learning as much as teacher has to be able to teach. We asked Paul what does he look for before he decides to coach someone and here is what #PaulSays,

“-They want it more than me.


-Willing to learn.”


We asked Deevas what does he do just before getting on the stage and here is what #DeevasSays,

“Before getting on to stage I generally like to stay quiet and meditate or spend some time alone with myself. “


We asked Deevas about his goal, here is what #DeevasSays,

” I have an intention to learn this art form and be able to make healthy contributions to theatre industry. I want to make theatre a household thing where audience should have easy access to good theatre in their city. I also want to encourage new artists and direct them to good and honest theatre. “


We asked Paul about the social impact of his work, and here is what #PaulSays,

“For personal trainers it (The Freedom Formula training) impacts their life and business by showing them how to create the dream life with them first so they can show up as their true self and give their best to the business without compromising or missing out on life.”

Deevas Gupta

We welcome our contributor from Theatre background. Here is what he tells us about himself-

” I am Deevas Gupta. I am a theatre practitioner, co founder of Saarthak Productions with Shaurya Singh. As a theatre artist, I write, direct and act, though not all three at same time.”



We asked Paul about his goal and he believes in setting yearly goals, so


“My mission in 2017 is to help transform 10 personal trainers’ life and business through my Freedom Formula programme.”

Paul Graham

We are so glad to introduce our friend from USA who is doing an amazing work of helping people grow in life.

In his own words,

“I am Paul Graham, The Freedom Formula Coach and I help personal trainers create more impact, freedom and income in their business.”

For more details, check out https://www.facebook.com/thefreedomformulacoach/?pnref=lhc


We asked Rohit, “How do you think your work impacts people at large?”


“My startup EduGorilla Community works on a basic idea to help the students from 9th standard to a PhD candidate, from a Diploma candidate to an IISC student.
It has brought all the key players under one umbrella and promoted unbiased free flowing information.”


We asked him, what is his goal or  mission in life?


I believe, the most important pillar for the growth of any economy, society or even family is  Education.
I want to underscore the inefficiency in Education segment. My goal is to help students in making more informed decisions and promote healthy competition in education sector.

Rohit Manglik

It is our pleasure to introduce Rohit Manglik, founder of EduGorilla. Rohit comes from a small city with passion for Engineering and Education. He is a strong believer in constant learning and change, not just the formal education but a constant endeavor to learn everyday.

Find out more about Rohit Manglik on : https://in.linkedin.com/in/rohitmanglik



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